Ticket rackets and secondhand cars: How Chet got rich

When you've read the story , check out the disgusting history of Greene, FIFA money and World Cup tickets

Here's Greene and his protector, Jack Warner.

Colin Klass from Guyana is another official who is backing Greene and pushing for Antigua to be thrown out of the world game. Greene and Klass enjoyed a FIFA-paid holiday at the 2002 World Cup and were pictured setting up a secondhand car business with Tokyo businessmen.

I wrote about Greene's rackets in the Daily Mail in September 2003. But he remains a favourite of Warner and Blatter.

Here's a warm letter from Blatter to Greene who is trying to get his hands on FIFA money. Greene succeeded and nobody knows where all his country's US$1 million FIFA grant went. Attached - a bonus letter from another businessman keen to make money out of FIFA.

Greene ordered nearly 3,000 tickets - including 147 for the final - for the 1998 World Cup. Here's his covering letter and three pages of orders for specific matches.

Then there's a couple of letters from an English agency he dealt with and a "fuck-off" letter from UEFA. Greene had tried to use his position as an Antiguan official to extort more tickets.

Greene was at it again running a racket to get tickets for Euro 2000. He worked with a fellow Antiguan businessman living in England. And two more UEFA letters.

The honest officials in Antigua set up an independent inquiry into what Greene did with US$1 million of FIFA's grant to the island. They produced a 50-page report. It reveals how money was siphoned off into private accounts - and much more.

For nearly four years Greene has been trying to force the Antigua and Barbuda FA to pay him expenses which he can't produce receipts for. Finally Jack Warner appointed one of his loyal supporters, Ronald Jones of the Barbados association, to make inquiries. Astonishingly, Mr Jones sees it Chet Greenes way. Read his report that says Greene should get the money.

And here's Warner's ultimatum from December 2007. Pay the "pathological liar" - or be thrown out of football. Fans may remember Merv Richards' international football career, and the cricket career of his brother Sir Viv Richards.

The full Chet Greene story is in Chapter 25 of FOUL!

The things they say ...

'Neither FIFA nor its President have anything to hide, nor do they wish to.'
Blatter press release, 28 January, 2003

BBC Panorama Reporter Andy Davies:
'A one million franc bribe ... is it not correct that Mr Blatter asked that it be moved to the FIFA official who was named on the payment slip?'
FIFA Director of Communications Markus Siegler:
'If you do not stop now, then we call security and we put you out.'
FIFA Press conference,
Zurich, Tuesday, 11 April 2006

'I am deputy chairman of the finance committee of FIFA. I oversee a budget of US$2 billion and I have never seen one iota of corruption.'
Jack Warner, Trinidad Express
12 December 2004

'Lying and deception and bad faith are standard operating procedure at FIFA.'
Adam C. Silverstein, a lawyer for MasterCard in their successful action against FIFA
New York, December 1, 2006

'I do not believe a Jew can ever be a referee at that level (Argentine Premier League) because it's hard work and, you know, Jews don't like hard work.'
FIFA senior vice-president and chair of the Finance Committee, Julio Grondona
5 July 2003, Buenos Aires

'FIFA is a healthy, clean and transparent organisation with nothing to hide. There is huge public interest in FIFA, therefore we have to be as transparent as possible. We will try to communicate in a more open way so the world can believe us and be proud of their federation.'
FIFA General Secretary Urs Linsi
January 2003, on fifa.com

'Soccer chief's plan to boost women's game? Hotpants'
'They could wear tighter shorts. Female players are pretty, if you excuse me for saying so.'
Sepp Blatter, Former President of the World Society of Friends of Suspenders:
Sonntagsblick, 11 January, 2004

'No foreigner, particularly a white foreigner, will come to my country and harass me, intimidate me and push me around.'
Jack Warner, May 9, 2006 after the author attempted to interview him for BBC-TV about his ticket rackets

'The evidence ... would and should make any company have grave concerns about doing business with FIFA.'
Adam C. Silverstein, a lawyer for MasterCard in their successful action against FIFA
New York, December 1, 2006

'We must have a woman on the executive committee.'
Sepp Blatter, campaigning to become president of FIFA
May 30, 1998, Agence France-Press

'FIFA ... a graft-ridden autocracy.'
The New Yorker, June 26, 2006

'Among the tasks of a politics of morality [is] to work incessantly toward unveiling hidden differences between official theory and actual progress, between the limelight and the backrooms of political life.'
Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002)

'FIFA's latest actions demonstrate that it still does not govern itself by its slogan "Fair Play."'
Judge Loretta Preske, dismissing a FIFA appeal
New York, February 28, 2007

'I still believe that the future of football is feminine.'
President Sepp Blatter, FIFA press release
Zurich, 2 February 2007

'We are more important than the Catholic Church.'
IOC President Juan Antonio 'Jackboots' Samaranch
HBO Real Sports, June 1996

'MacDonald's has supported the Olympic Movement for more than 30 years and we share many of the same ideals.'
IOC President Jacque Rogge
Turin, February 7, 2006

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