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FIFA Hard Man Cornel Borbély
FIFA general secretary Jérôme ValkeBlatter's


By Andrew Jennings


Former Zurich prosecutor, now ”independent” FIFA Ethics investigator, has pulled off a double whammy for Sepp Blatter, the man who pays him.
Borbély has discovered how Blatter can escape from the disaster of Qatar – and simultaneously destroy his Presidential rival. [More]


Did Brazil's football boss spark murder of ex-BBC journalist?

'Blood-Stained Hands  of José Maria Marin'

The Honoured Guest from Brazil in the front row of the Wembley Royal box on Wednesday night is accused in his home country of complicity in the gruesome torture and murder of Vladimir Herzog, a journalist who would not support the military dictatorship in the 1970s. [More]


Image with headline text that links to main story

When Blatter gave Warner

FIFA general secretary Jérôme Valke$20m World

Cup TV rights


This is the letter FIFA doesn’t want you to read. Written by general secretary Jérôme Valke (left), it reveals that Blatter bypassed FIFA’s committees to hand Warner a $20 million gift. [More]


Brazil’s new soccer thief !

Still of video uploaded to YouTube showing Jose Maria Marin pocketing a medal

Tricky Ricky Teixeira is ‘resting’ and the acting president of the Brazilian football confederation is José Maria Marin. They couldn’t have chosen a better man! Here he is, third from the left, caught on TV on January 25, pocketing a medal intended for the winning team in the Sao Paulo Junior Cup competition, attended by 38,000 fans. So there wasn’t one left when goalkeeper Matheus Caldeira tried to claim his medal. And here’s a longer version with hilarious disbelief from commentators.

Probe FIFA corruption before talk of reforms

Photo of Sepp Blatter with Professor Mark Pieth

Friday January 6, 2012: Reporters specialising in investigating FIFA corruption have been invited to meet with FIFA’s Independent Governance Committee, chaired by Professor Mark Pieth, to discuss ‘risk scenarios.’


After much discussion some have decided to decline the invitation. Here they list their criticisms – and argue that the priority is an immediate, independent investigation of serious allegations of corruption during the presidency of Sepp Blatter. And here is a similar opinion from another reporter.


Revealed – Blatter’s Spin Doctor Peter Hargitay Devises FIFA Reform ‘Road Map’

Photo of Sepp Blatter with Peter Hargitay

Friday January 6, 2012: Sources inside FIFA HQ in Zurich have confirmed that President Blatter’s survival plan has been created by his ‘Strategic Advisor’ Peter Hargitay, a man with a ‘colourful’ past who boasts that he can divert attention from damaging stories about his clients. And look who Blatter has appointed chair of FIFA’s Media Committee. It is new Executive Committee member Mohamed Raouraoua from Algeria, ranked at 135 in world press freedoms. [More]


Blatter says God speaks direct to him

– but does Sepp tell God the truth?


Sunday November 20, 2011: Deranged Blatter

claims God speaks exclusively to him! But what

will God say when he discovers that ‘profoundly religious’ Sepp and ‘Tricky’ Ricky Teixeira run a

one-stop money-laundering shop at FIFA House?

It’s another couple of stories for Brazil’s tax collectors. [More]

Blatter pals win 2014 best tix

Photo of Jaime Byrom- without


Even as Blatter pledges ‘reform,’ 450,000 tickets for Brazil World Cup with the price for luxury suites reaching $2.3 million have been awarded to Jaime Byrom (left) without any tender process because he is ‘the most suitable candidate.’ [More]

Will sleazy Sepp flee with FIFA’s cash?


Sunday November 13, 2011: Documents discovered

in Zurich’s Commercial Registry reveal that Sepp Blatter, now mired in corruption, has the power to sign contracts and authorise cash payments

without the knowledge of anyone at FIFA. [More]

Bribes fear as London bids

Photo of Chuck BlazerTo host 2017

Track champs

Track boss Lamine Diack allegedly took bribes from corrupt marketing company ISL and is under investigation by the IOC. Will he back London or Doha for the World Athletics Championships? [More]


Brazil Fans Honour Andrew


Sunday November 6, 2011: Andrew Jennings’ presentation ‘The Truth about FIFA Corruption and Ricardo Teixeira’ to the Brazilian Senate’s Education, Culture and Sports Committee on October 26 was a media sensation. Federal President Dilma Rousell’s office called asking for a copy. And fans at one of the country’s top clubs – Internacional of Porto Alegre - created a massive banner begging Andrew to save

the 2014 World Cup! [More]

Fifa’s Valcke backs Blazer

Photo of Chuck BlazerBut for how

Much longer?

Is Blatter’s axeman Jérôme Valcke breaking Fifa rules when he refuses to forward complaints about Chuck Blazer’s financial ‘arrangements’ to the Ethics Committee. As support for Blazer evaporates, Mr Valcke may have to change his mind. [More]

BONUS! Read Chuck’s denial letters!

Shock! Sepp Blatter speaks Photo of Chuck Blazerwith forked tongue


Even as Blatter promises reforms – he secretly spends more Fifa money trying to suppress police report on bribes. But the legal clock is ticking and he is going to be exposed [More]


Queries for Chuck & Fifa

Photo of Chuck Blazer


Fans group ChangeFifa is asking Fifa’s ethics committee to investigate Chuck Blazer’s football payments. And while Blatter talks of reform – look at who he appoints to his committees. [More]





Chuck’s world of offshore

Photo of Chuck Blazerbank accounts

FIFA drifts into more controversy as Chuck Blazer’s offshore affairs come under scrutiny. Why does he register his vintage Mercedes in FIFA’s name in Zurich? Has he told the US taxman about his unorthodox payments from football?  He certainly enjoys a wonderful lifestyle. [More]


Lucky Chuckie! Blazer takes

Photo of Chuck Blazersecret 10% on
sponsor deals

‘Whistleblower’ Chuck Blazer fearlessly exposed his friend Jack Warner’s involvement in a £1 million cash bribe scandal for FIFA votes. But Chuck is keeping secret that he got nearly $2 million last year in bonuses from Concacaf. [More]


Wacky Whacked Warner is now

Photo of ex FIFA vice president Jack WarnerFather of

His Nation!


Is Jack Warner smokin’ dat stuff? As the world rejoices that he’s been evicted from FIFA he preaches to Trinidad about wonderful fathers – like him [More]


''Ah Tiefing a little tonight''


Horrified by the latest revelations of Jack Warner’s

corruption the Calypso artists are mocking him.

Watch the video that is convulsing Trinidad.

Listen to Karene Asche’s update of ‘Uncle Jack.’

Read Jack’s absurd full-page ad in the Trinidad press.

Why we all love Karene Asche:

Photo of Karene AscheCalypso Queen Mocks Warner


Trinidad’s $2 million Calypso Monarch for 2011 is Karene Asche who won the title with her powerful song about Jack Warner’s football rackets – while actors recreated attempts by reporter Andrew Jennings to confront the FIFA veep! Watch the video


Image with text: Lions led by Donkeys which links to a scanned image of a story in Private Eye

Saturday January 1, 2011:  Why England’s World Cup hopes crashed. (And maybe it's also time for fans in America, Australia, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Korea, Spain and Portugal to ask – who betrayed our dreams. Was it FIFA – or was it our own football officials?)

The documents that FIFA

Photo of Korea's Chung Mong-joon

doesn’t want fans to read


Countries bidding for the World Cup were instructed by FIFA to make sometimes illegal promises – and not to tell their own parliaments and people. Read the secret documents here


Hargitay and his bully boys

Photo of Korea's Chung Mong-joon

threaten free speech again


Lawyers for London-based conman Peter Hargitay are at it again. He hates being reminded that he was locked up for 7 months in a Miami jail. Enjoy the article they want to ban – and uplift it to more sites. [More]


Scoop! Did a FIFA ticket office employee sell clients’ confidential personal files?

We name the 2010
World Cup Winners!

Chuck Blazer and Don Julio Grondona


The view from South Africa’s investigative – and satirical -  Noseweek magazine.  Sorry, these winners aren’t footballers, they’re FIFA officials and relatives, friends and freeloaders. There’s Leo Mugabe and his cousin Phillip, Franco the IOC man who counts money, our old friend Tricky and Michal who can flag for offside every time the wrong team scores . . .[More]


If Sepp Blatter is telling the truth when he claims ‘The FIFA family is united and happy’ why is he promising unexpected lavish handouts to national associations? [More]

Is FIFA an Organised Crime Crop of image from magazine articleFamily?





Blatter’s ‘football family’ ticks all the boxes that define organised crime. Their rackets are well-known – and crucially, they also have official protection from prosecution. [More]


Greedy IOC let Nazi Juan destroy the Games


Ignore the gushing tributes, here’s the truth about the man who made right-arm raising the IOC’s favourite sport. [More]


Kickbacks & match-fixing: An everyday story of Olympic handball

Photo of Hassan Moustafa


Is Eygpt’s Hassan Moustafa the right man to lead handball? Will he clarify why he trousered that €600,000 – and why he didn’t turn up to give evidence to the CAS investigation into bent refereeing at the federation he presides over? [More]


Billionaire Lowy hires another Bagman: Is Oz 18/22 now ‘The Dirty Bid?’


Monday February 22, 2010: Exposed! Frank Lowy’s secret weapon to bring the World Cup to Australia. Germany’s ‘Mr Fixit’ Fedor Radmann, veteran of previous dodgy bids, is never far from scandal, conflicts of interest, confidential payments to ‘Trust accounts’ of powerful football officials . . . and suitcases of the folding stuff. [More]


Photo of Nicole Kidman and Fedor Radmann Caption text image - Nicole Kidman: The Public Face of the Oz bid and Fedor Radmann the secret face

Olympic Bosses try to ban Photo of Katia RubioKatia’s book



Criminal threat to Brazilian scholar who warns kids against drugs - but praises Olympic Idealism.

She says, ‘They want to go back to the time of the Inquisition.’ [More]



FIFA in turmoil as Blatter fires his last clean aide


Sepp Blatter’s FIFA is in chaos following the frenzied sacking of Jerome Champagne, one of the few clean senior executives remaining at the highest level of world football. If Blatter cannot resolve the growing problems of fans not being able to afford to travel to this year’s World Cup - his may be the next head on the block. [more]

Blatter ‘hits the bottle’ as fans boycott overpriced tickets


Rip-off World Cup ticket and hotel prices were intended to enrich Sepp Blatter’s friends and family at the expense of fans. But they’ve had enough of being exploited and are staying home. The majority of early ticket purchases were by travel agents who had booked rooms – and now can’t find buyers. Will this scandal end Blatter’s corrupt reign at FIFA? [more]




Jack Warner changes the law to avoid paying T&T Soca Warriors their 2006 World Cup bonuses. And a picture of his son Daryll spending the money on champagne! And the Chronology of Deceit: Warner’s manipulations. [More]

Kick Racism out of Football – and Racist Jack Warner as well

FIFA president Sepp Blatter claims he fights racism – but looks the other way when Jack Warner screams racist insults at a political meeting in Trinidad. Watch the shocking video.

And we reveal – Warner still refuses to pay millions of pounds owing to the 2006 Soca Warriors World Cup team. [More]

Olympic Reporters' Secret Club

June 21, 2009: Best friends with the Bagmen

Who Poisoned AFC Voting?

Will FIFA’s Ethics probe discover who planted the dirty rumours that FIFA boss Mohammed Bin Hammam’s opponents were offering bribes to vote him out? It could not have been Hammam’s ‘special advisor’ Peter Hargitay (left) because he doesn’t do that kind of thing. [Meet Peter]




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Is Euro 2012 in the Grip of the Mob?

March 22, 2009: These are very strange people


Swiss won’t give up on Blatter Crash

February 28, 2009: Now Lovely Andrea is upset


Gotcha, 'Sir' Allen Stanford

February 22, 2009: We were there 5 years ago


How long can Blatter hold on to power?

February 15, 2009: The plotters circle FIFA’s throne


Did Blatter lie to Judge?

February 8 ,2009: He gets derisory fine


Warner wants his own World Cup

February 8, 2009: It’s the Mexican Wave goodbye for England


Sepp and the Russian Mobster

January 25, 2009: Just good friends


Gangsters take over football

January 11, 2009: FIFA looks the other way


IOC favourite clubs protestors

December 14, 2008:  Thug bans Human Rights demo


IOC honours brutal dictator

December 7, 2008: Special award for Lukashenko


Blatter fraud probe continues

November 2, 2008: It’s the third anniversary of police raid on FIFA House


‘Tax-Dodging’ Aussie takes 2018 lead

September 28, 2008: Blatter gets cozy with Fast Frank


FIFA’s World Cup shame?

May 14, 2004: Has Morocco paid bribes?

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The things they say...

‘Neither FIFA nor its President have anything to hide, nor do they wish to.’

Blatter press release, 28 January, 2003

BBC Panorama Reporter Andy Davies:

‘A one million franc bribe … is it not correct that Mr Blatter asked that it be moved to the FIFA official who was named on the payment slip?’

FIFA Director of Communications Markus Siegler:

‘If you do not stop now, then we call the security and we put you out.’

FIFA Press conference, Zurich, Tuesday, 11 April 2006

‘I am deputy chairman of the finance committee of FIFA. I oversee a budget of US$2 billion and I have never seen one iota of corruption.’

Jack Warner, Trinidad Express 12 December 2004

‘Lying and deception and bad faith are standard operating procedure at FIFA.’

Adam C. Silverstein, a lawyer for MasterCard in their successful action against FIFA, New York, December 1, 2006

‘I do not believe a Jew can ever be a referee at that level (Argentine Premier League) because it’s hard work and, you know, Jews don’t like hard work.’

FIFA senior vice-president and chair of Finance Committee, Julio Grondona, 5 July 2003. Buenos Aires

‘FIFA is a healthy, clean and transparent organisation with nothing to hide. There is huge public interest in FIFA, therefore we have to be as transparent as possible. We will try to communicate in a more open way so the world can believe us and be proud of their federation.’

FIFA General Secretary Urs Linsi, January 2003, on fifa.com

'Soccer chief's plan to boost women's game? Hotpants' ‘They could wear tighter shorts. Female players are pretty, if you excuse me for saying so.’

Sepp Blatter, Former President of the World Society of Friends of Suspenders: Sonntagsblick 11 January, 2004



Photo of Sepp Blatter and Charles Taylor standing to attention

Blatter’s Pal Jailed for 50 Years

Blatter’s pal Charles Taylor, former Liberian President and monster, has been found guilty at his human rights abuse trial in The Hague. We’ve found this print – and more - in a long-forgotten African archive. [More]


FIFA boss Grondona & his Serial Murderer

More disgusting pictures


Havelange & his Serial Murderer

See FIFA boss sucking up to Pinochet


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The Bagman and FIFA’s Bosses

Meet Jean-Marie Weber, aka ‘The Bagman'. For 20 years he delivered millions of dollars in bribes to FIFA’s most senior officials. In return they gave his company billion-dollar contracts. Andrew Jennings was the only English reporter to attend the 2008 trial Photo of the "Bagman" Jean-Marie Weberin Switzerland where The Bagman was questioned about who got kickbacks. Havelange and Blatter were named. Additionally, FIFA was fined by the judges for misleading the court.

See new pictures of the Bagman with Havelange and Blatter. [More]


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Romario launches Football

Photo of Brazilian football star RomarioClean-up

The former star is now a Congressman and campaigning to clean up Brazilian football in time for the World Cup in 2014. He asked Andrew Jennings to tell him what has gone wrong at FIFA – and what are the bribery allegations against Ricardo Teixeira? [More]


Belize’s Bad Boy Bertie gets

Photo of Karene AscheBlatter’s

Football boss Bertie Chilimio fixes elections to stay in power. Sepp Blatter needs his vote so when the good guys in Belize tried to oust Bertie, FIFA’s Emergency Committee suspended them! Who ordered this ban? Some of the most corrupt men at FIFA! [More]

Hands off Belize Football!

Join the campaign to let the Belize team

play in the World Cup

Image with text: Lions led by Donkeys which links to a scanned image of a story in Private Eye

'FIFA: Football’s Shame?'

Watch the BBC film - read the script

Hard Man Henry Kissinger

Photo of Karene AscheWill boot
Out Blatter

He’s a natural born killer and he’s got Sepp in his cross-hairs. Blatter will soon be named in a $100 million bribe scandal. FIFA’s sponsors have had enough and want him out. Henry is 88 and has no time for small talk.[More]


Image with text: Lions led by Donkeys which links to a scanned image of a story in Private Eye

'FIFA's Dirty Secrets'

Watch the BBC film - read the script

Blatter wants Prince Who?

Photo of Prince Ali

to be new FIFA boss

It’s payback time as the FIFA President promotes a prince you’ve never heard of to run the people’s game.

That way Blatter wins twice; he gets a veep he can push around and rid of one that he can’t. [More]

Also in Chinese and Norwegian!

Did Blatter’s Mob friends
Photo of Korea's Chung Mong-joonfix 2018
for Russia?



We warned two years ago about Blatter and the Russian Mafia.


The media watchdog who didn’t bark.



Image with the following inset text: Reporters Toolbox - 10 reasons why Sepp can never sue

FIFA wars flare again: Will

Photo of Korea's Chung Mong-joon

Asia unseat Blatter?


The longstanding war between Sepp Blatter and Korea’s Chung Mong-joon has flared up again following the President’s confession that some of his closest allies took huge bribes [More]

FIFA’s 10 Commandments:

Does Sepp Blatter obey them?

Image of a stained glass window

Andrew Jennings poses the questions -  filmed in a church by the Rhine for the ARTE channel.

Earlier, viewers enjoyed a screening of BBC Panorama’s 2006 classic report ‘The Beautiful Bung’ – English slang for a bribe. [More]




Now South African pressCartoon of Sepp Blatter sitting on a toilet
on Blatter

In Afrikaans and English, posh and tabloid, popular anger grows at how their country is being screwed. The press are using Freedom of Information to dig out contracts that were signed in secret. Cartoonists attack Blatter for corruption and exploiting their country. Columnists mourn FIFA’s greedy grip on their country. [More]


Blatter’s ploy to dump shamed Warner

Photo of Jack Warner



FIFA president threatens legal action against Miami fraud conference – guaranteeing global interest in corruption allegations against Jack Warner.  Also: Hear the full presentation online. [More]



Blatter takes off his tie: Photo of FIFA President Sepp Blatterreporters swoon



Our FIFA reporters are too polite to investigate Blatter’s nephew and his cronies – so they won’t tell us who is responsible for the World Cup tickets disaster. [More]


Now Corporate Fat Cats say No to Blatter’s Rip-offs

official logo - luxou

Plus South African media takes on
‘Dictator’ Blatter


The Autumn of Football’s Sepp Blatter's private policemanPatriarch



As the conspirators plan how to rid football of the ageing dictator, he dictates his obituary as he wants to be remembered. And his private policeman (left) has quit. [More]




Blatter threat to ban critical reporters from World Cup


FIFA’s Blatter is threatening to ban South African reporters from the World Cup if they write stories ‘bringing FIFA into disrepute.’ But having defeated cruel apartheid laws, the media are preparing for battle with the Zurich censors.[more]



Photo of Jean-Marie Weber - AKA The BagmanRogge bans The Bagman but Blatter makes him welcome


Exclusive! At last Rogge acts and Weber gets the Olympic Order of the boot! [more]


The Bagman is welcome at IOC congress - but he still won't say who got the $100 million kickbacks


The ‘reformed’ IOC

    gives accreditation to

    Mr Big Bribes

Did Rio pay bribes?

All the Olympic stories

    the ‘respectable’

    reporters refuse to tell


 Exclusive pix and videos


    All this and [more]


Is FIFA’s Hargitay secret phone tapper?

July 30, 2009: His lawyer issues warning.

Blatter praises another thug

But Natalia is still a prisoner

Photo of Moldovian reporter Natalia Morar


Warner robs World Cup heroes

November 30, 2008: FIFA’s Thief of Thieves


Blatter rolls his Mammoth Merc

October 22, 2008: Fury at special treatment


Privatising the Olympics

August 9, 2008: The men who stole the Games


Beijing's best friends – the IOC

August 5, 2008: Funny people with odd friends


The IOC’s favourite fascist

August 1, 2008: Juan Antonio’s dirty secret


Spies behind a two-way mirror

July 13, 2008: IOC and FIFA back voyeurs who filmed women athletes


Olympic Viagra and Vibrator!

June 30, 2008: IOC’s new sports


New Warner family tickets racket

June 8, 2008: Daryan rips off English fans


Warner has English FA trembling

June 1, 2008: Here’s his secret threat


Blatter's dirty tricks Hargitay erupts

April 6, 2008: Conman outed, turns nasty


When Valcke blackmailed Blatter

Nov 25, 2007: Blatter rages at threat


Here’s that Big Bribe again

December 5, 2003: Have you guessed who got it?


Just Another Warner Scandal

September 3, 2003: How to steal $1 million


Votes Scandal in Safe Hands

June 6, 2003: A Burial is Expected


Blatter used FIFA money to win

April 16, 2003: His expenses reveal the truth


Why Blatter Banned Jennings

March 18, 2003: How Sepp Plunders FIFA


Blatter Promises Votes probe

January 30, 2003: (Then he buried it!)


Australia’s Easy Route to Glory

December 18, 2002: Blatter pays his debts


Critical Reporter Jailed

December 17, 2002: FIFA sleaze doesn’t stop


The Blatter Sleaze never stops

September 23, 2002: More ticket rackets


Bin Hammam Tickets Scandal

June 6, 2002: FIFA’s New Sleaze row


FIFA Votes for Sleaze

May 30, 2002: Blatter’s landslide


FIFA’s Shame, Lies and Heartbreak

May 28, 2002: Sham Congress


Who got the Big Bribe?

May 25, 2002: An ISL Kickback


Blatter Lashes Out

May 20, 2002: Claims ‘Smear campaign’


It can pay to help Blatter

May 7, 2002: TV Rights for Billionaire


Proof of Blatter’s Guilt

May 6, 2002: Pay-offs and kickbacks


Call for Blatter Crime probe

May 4, 2002: ‘Biggest crisis in 98 years’


Blatter’s Corrupt Regime

May 3, 2002: Worse than the IOC!


Blatter loses Audit Battle

March 8, 2002: Rivals close to finance facts


Impersonator helps elect Blatter

March 2, 2002: Warner’s Man Steals Vote


FIFA Close to Bankruptcy

March 1, 2002: Scandals Pile Up


Sepp Blatter’s Corrupt Regime

February 2, 2002: Bribes to Win Power


Blatter pledges Blazer Probe

December 19, 2001: Code of Conduct Row


FIFA Boss in Gambling Row

December 18, 2001: Blazer’s new get rich scheme


How Warner Batters his Critics

November 1, 2001: More FIFA Shame


Blatter Backs Thieving Warner

October 22, 2001: Shame in Trinidad


Giving in to Doping Cheats

October 10, 2001: Can we Trust the Blazers?


Revealed: Samaranch the Fascist

July 9, 2001: IOC’s Secret Shame


Blatter denies bribes

May 26, 2001: Blatter Kickbacks in Play


How the IOC rigs Olympic Votes

May 14, 2001: Beijing will win 2008


FIFA greed and scandal

April 20, 2001: ISL collapses


ISL Wins Contracts – Without Tenders

July 27, 1992: First hints of corruption


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